Vet Redefined was born out of the idea that we need a way for students and new veterinarians to utilize a pool of resources along with other tips/tools to navigate the transition of student to doctor in the constantly changing world of medicine. Expectations for veterinarians are evolving constantly, and we need to practice updated skills (both practical and personal) to be able to address these demands while remembering to fuel YOU first. Don’t forget, you can’t pour into others cups if yours is EMPTY!

Available services

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One on one coaching

Let’s be real, those of us finishing school are scared sh***less on top of over-the-top excited. Those of us navigating how to doctor and stay sane are also terrified. If only resources for all your categories of questions could be in one place…we’re building it! If you’re looking for more direct consulting THIS IS YOUR SLAM DUNK! Questions on job hunting, skill sharpening, resume building, how to dress and act the part, time blocking and time management, mental health pro tips, to navigating a budget and tackling those ugly student loans - your success is in YOUR hands. Click here to fully invest in you and your badassery!

Small group consulting

If one on one is a bit too intense for you, phone a friend! Small group consulting is a great way to get a plan started and lean on your colleagues for direction. These short sessions are a way to take things more casually but get answers on your big questions.

Webinars and online courses

COMING SOON - SPECIAL TOPIC WEBINARS AND ONLINE MINI COURSES!!! Based on demand from our clients, Vet Redefined will be launching select topic webinars and short courses for our squad. We want to know WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU WANT ANSWERED! This is your forum to speak your mind and get the content that speaks to YOU. These will feature all kinds of epic guests including practice owners, specialty veterinarians, financial advisors, health and wellness gurus, hiring managers, and everything in between.